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Pebbles - interesting, accessible for sensory development, and also multifaceted material for many small ventures. There are a lot of ideas how you can usefully use: play, create, study mathematics, develop perception, fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Children are very fond of collecting various stones and playing with them. Kids are attracted by everything mysterious, and stones have some kind of unknown energy. They bring joy to children and positively influence their full development..

Games with stones have a positive effect on the psyche of a child. Even a simple sorting of pebbles, looking at, searching for the most beautiful makes the baby calm and balanced, fosters curiosity.

Didactic games with pebbles Marbles

Game purpose: development of fine motor skills, perseverance, visual attention, imagination, logical thinking.

Game List and Short Description:

1. Break down into groups

a) Understand the color.

In the total capacity of a large volume there are colored pebbles of the same shape, but of different colors, it is necessary to collect the pebbles into smaller containers by color.

b) Find out the size.

Just like the previous ones, only pebbles of different sizes - large and small.

c) Understand the form.

Just like the previous one, only pebbles of different shapes - oval, round.

2. Patterned.

A picture is offered - a sample, as in a mosaic, according to which it is necessary to assemble your picture.

b) Fill in the blank template.

It is proposed to fill out a picture that has only a contour; the color scheme is taken into account.

Contours - redrawn large pictures from children's coloring

3. Tic tac toe

Like regular tic tac toe, only figures of the same size, but different colors; different sizes; different shapes.

4. Extend the pattern

Continue pattern or row.

5. The odd one out

Remove an inappropriate shape by size, color, shape.

6. Count

Children are encouraged to count how many, for example, yellow pebbles in total, or how many large and small pebbles, or all pebbles of all colors in certain rows or on the field

7. Mathematical dictation

Consolidation of the concepts “left - right”, “top - bottom”.

8. Think of a picture on the topic...

Pebbles and games with them are very popular for children, and you can still come up with a lot of games. Thus, games with stones combine both pleasant and useful activity for the development of children..

Also, drawings can be laid out with cones, leaves, chopsticks, acorns, nuts, beans, pompoms, cotton, etc.