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Fall has come. We are starting our series of educational autumn games for children. Within 3 months we will introduce children to the wonderful time of the year - Fall.

Contents of the first fall lesson:

  • Fall fairy tale
  • Lotto "Fall"
  • 3 fall months
  • Application "Wreath for Masha"
  • Game on the development of fine motor skills "Snail"
  • Hatching "Fall Rain"
  • Game - the story "How birds and animals prepare for winter"
  • Application from play-doh "Fall in the forest"
  • Game - logical chain "Fall preparations"
  • Riddles
  • Lacing
  • Game - sorter "Mouse and Croup"
  • Game - logical chain "Fall"
  • Game "Find the Differences"
  • The game "Labyrinth"
  • Fall finger gymnastics. 13 games
  • Game "Fall Weather"
  • Fall coloring

Print and play.