Fall is just around the corner. With it comes all things pumpkin! Share these pumpkin patch printable activities with your kids!

Inside this 50-page freebie, you’ll get the following activities that are perfect for your kids:

1.Writing the letter P.


3. Tracing kids worksheet.

4. Handwriting Practice.

5. Sorting Games.

6. Color by size game.

7. Fill in the missing patterns game.

8. Color by numbers game.

9. Math pumpkin Patch game.

10. Pumpkin Missing  ABC game.

11. Find different picture game.

12. Pumpkin Patch  Maze.

13. Set stage of growth vegetables.

14. Emotional Pumpkins game.

15. Parts of a Pumpkin game.

16. Pumpkin shape puzzles.

17. Craft sheets.

18. Shadow matching game.

19. Colors game.

20. Puzzle game.

21. Five Little Pumpkins story game.

22. Pumpkin hunt.

23. Pumpkin comprehension.

24. One More One Less game.

25. Words Games