Shaping the play-doh has the following impacts on the development of the child:

- increases tactile sensitivity, improves sensory skills to perceive the shape, weight, texture, color.

- forms thinking, stimulates imagination;

- develops fine motor skills, which in turn takes an active part in the development of speech, influences the coordination of movements, trains memory and helps the child to think logically;

- helps to synchronize actions with both hands;

- leads to the strengthening of the connection between the hemispheres of the brain, thereby developing attention;

- aesthetic taste develops;

- through modeling, a child can express his emotions in a convenient way.

It is best to begin to training with small paintings depicting simple objects. Play-doh contributes, first of all, to relieve muscle tension and relax, develops children's imagination, artistic and spatial thinking, awakens imagination, encourages preschoolers to independent thinking.

Printable materials:

  1. laddy-bugg-1.pdf
  2. apple.pdf
  3. birds.pdf
  4. odyvanchik.pdf
  5. rocket.pdf
  6. spider.pdf
  7. train.pdf