Didactic classification games are a very important tool for expanding and energizing the vocabulary. According to the child’s ability to classify objects into groups, select generalizing words for a group of objects, one can judge the level of his intellectual development, his speech, memory and thinking.  

At the initial stage, the child is invited to select items. The child's task is to select objects from the proposed group, focusing on their properties: shape, color, size.

In the subject classification, the child no longer focuses on the appearance of the object, but on its purpose, for example, objects intended for cooking and eating food, etc. So, for the classification or generalization of objects, the child exercises mental operations, through which they find the basis for the definition of objects or phenomena in the desired group.

Games and classification exercises are very important for the development of the child. Thanks to them, speech activity, flexibility of thinking is brought up. The child begins to understand that you can use different types of classification. As far as the subject of communication and relations with other objects, it can be completely in different groups, in accordance with the feature.

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