Thinking - This is the mental process by which a person solves the problem. The result of thinking is thought, which is expressed in words. Therefore, thinking and speaking are closely related. With the help of thinking we gain knowledge, therefore it is very important to develop it during the childhood.

Thinking develops in three stages:

  • Manipulating objects (when a child thinks through action by manipulating an object) - this is the main way of thinking of a young child.
  • Visually-shaped (when a child thinks with the help of images, representations of phenomena, objects) - is the main type of thinking of a child of preschool age.
  • Verbal-logical (when a child thinks with the help of concepts, reasoning, words) - this kind of thinking begins to take shape in the preschool age.

In preschool children, the first two types of thinking are basic. If a child has all kinds of thinking well developed, then it is easier for him to solve any problems, and he thereby achieves greater success in life..

On the basis of figurative thinking is formed logical thinking. It is the highest stage of the development of thinking. Classes for the development of logical thinking are very relevant today, as they are important for the future. The main criteria for the development of logical thinking in children are: the ability to distinguish essential features from the minor, the ability to reason, compare, analyze, classify objects, argue their point of view, establish causal relationships, develop non-standard thinking.

The development of the child and his training should be carried out through appropriate activities for his age, pedagogical means and these should be easy. These developmental tools for preschoolers include game.

One of the main guarantees of successful education of children is the use of entertaining work with preschoolers: visual material. At school, you can pay attention to the picture and illustrative material, as it helps to attract the attention of children, develops visual-figurative thinking, which, in turn, stimulates the cognitive activity of the child.

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