There should be a light box in every home where there is a mom and child asking for games. There is no child who would stay indifferent to this activity. It will be fun for everyone.

You will need a large rectangular plastic container. Transparent or semi-transparent, not opaque. The lamp is of a small type (indoor lamps or lamps for aquariums will do). Make a small notch on the edge of the container, if necessary, so that the lid is tightly closed. If the container is too transparent, stick white wrapping paper from the inside to the lid, bottom and walls of the container to get diffuse the light..

Another very simple way to make a light box is to put in an LED lamp, round and flat, battery operated one..

You can come up with a lot of games for this light box. For example:

  1. Look at ordinary objects on it,

2. Put a glass dish/another plastic container on it and pour colored sand in there, leave hand prints on it, draw pictures with a stick, play with toys,

3. Pour liquid of one color into another color and watch the blending of colors,

4. You can also paint with watercolors on paper, shaving cream on glass...